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Unknown Earthquake Facts

by grant / 2017-08-28

It’s common knowledge among Utah residents that the state is overdue for an earthquake. But how ready are we for the big one? Here are some earthquake...

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How to Protect Your Property from a Wildfire

by grant / 2017-07-28

Summer is the season of wildfires, threatening both homes and lives. But there steps you can take to protect yourself in the event that one starts.

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Wind Damage, Now What?

by amberc / 2017-05-11

Utah has experienced a torrent of wind storms in the last few weeks which has prompted several National Weather Services high wind warnings.

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Flooded Basement

by haydenman7 / 2017-04-24

A flooded basement can leave homeowners overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. Quick action will ensure safety and reduce damage to your home.