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Wind Damage

Within a matter of minutes, we can be on-site beginning the cleanup and restoration process! 24/7 Emergency Wind Damage Response. We work with your insurance.

Wind damage is a threatening type of disaster which can affect homes and businesses throughout the US. From roof damage to large damage caused from trees falling on your property; the immediate and long term effects from any type of wind damage creates one of the hardest trials any family or business can endure. At Disaster Professionals, our job is to completely lighten the load on families and businesses. We handle everything from start to finish— from wind damage cleanup to total restoration of your property. We are Utah’s disaster recovery professionals!

Our wind disaster cleanup professionals are available 24/hrs a day, 7 days a week. After high-speed winds hit, your property sustains damage, both minor or major. These damages can weaken your plumbing, insulation, and electric systems. Because of this, it is imperative that you call our disaster cleanup and restoration experts immediately after the discovery of any type of wind damage.

Once you call our Salt Lake City cleanup disaster professionals, we schedule an appointment to come on site and estimate the size of the disaster cleanup project and the extent of the damage to the home or business.

The next step we take in a disaster cleanup project is to restore your property back to it’s original state. The extent of any restoration depends on a few things such as how drastic the damage of the property is. The restoration process can range from a simple fix-up to an in-depth, complex process. Our experts will inform you up-front as well keeping you completely informed during the entire restoration process.

Wind damage can come from different types of thunderstorms, including:

  • Downbursts
  • Microbursts
  • Gust Fronts
  • Derechos
  • and Haboobs

Remember, wind damage is a destructive and dangerous threat to residential & commercial property owners in Eagle Mountain, Sandy, American Fork, Saratoga Springs up through Rock Springs, WY areas. We have the proper equipment, personnel and expertise regardless of the size or type of your structure. If left untreated, damages could be a serious threat to structural components, but more importantly, it could be a threat to the health & well being of occupants. Quick cleanup and restoration of your property is critical.

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