Water Damage in Rock Springs, Green River, Wamsutter & Superior.

Water Damage is one of the most common types of disasters which occur in homes and businesses. No matter the type of disaster; the immediate and long term affects from water damage creates some of the hardest things a one can endure. At Disaster Professionals Rock Springs, our job is to completely lighten the load on families and businesses in our community. We will be handling everything from start to finish. From Rock Springs water damage cleanup to total restoration, lead the industry in water damage services!

The most common types of water damage include:

  • Basement flooding
  • Damaged Roofs Leaking
  • Pipe Bursting or Leaking
  • Damaged Rain Gutters
  • Ice Dams (frozen snow packs on roofs)
  • Sewer Backups
  • Leaking Toilets
  • Leaking Washers
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Poor Landscaping
  • Heavy Rain

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Within a matter of minutes, we can be on-site beginning the Sweetwater County water cleanup and restoration process!

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We take care of your Wyoming water damage insurance claims from start to finish. We know all the intricate details of the complicated realm of water related insurance claims.

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Unparalleled Support and 24/7 Response!

Within a matter of minutes, we can be on-site beginning the emergency restoration process!

When a disaster occurs, time is of the essence (especially water disasters), our disaster cleanup professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everytime water damage occurs, immediately after and as time goes on, the moisture accumulated from a water disaster will continue to further damage not only your property's structure, such as baseboards, drywall and frames, but your interior furnishings, floors and fixtures as well.

Moisture from a water disaster also quickly leads to the threat of mold, which creates it's own type of costs and restoration processes. In addition to threat which mold poses to one's health. Because of this, it is imperative that you call our Disaster Professionals Rock Springs water cleanup experts immediately after the discovery of any type of water disaster.

On site, fair and fast Sweetwater County Water Damage Restoration quotes!

What should I do first?

After you call our Rock Springs water cleanup disaster professionals, we schedule an appointment to come on site and overview the amount of damage and the size of the cleanup project which will be required to restore your home business.

Water Damage Removal

The next step after we take in any water disaster cleanup project is to extract the water from the property as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. To extract the water from the property, we use top of the line water removal systems and pumps.


Once the water is professionally removed from the property, we then begin the process of dehumidification and drying of all portions of the property (including interior furnishings) which have been affected by water. Our dehumidification and drying process involves professional grade equipment to get the job done quickly using the most powerful methods available in the disaster cleanup market.

Water Damage Restoration

After the drying process is completed, we then begin the restoration side of the project to get your property back to it's original state. The extent of any restoration depends on a few things such as how quickly the process went during the water removal and drying stage. If the water has already caused structural damage, the restoration portion is more in depth. If the water has not yet caused any damage, the water damage restoration process can be quite simple and quick. Our experts will inform you up-front as well keeping you completely informed during the entire restoration process.

Don't forget water damage is one the most common disasters facing residential and commercial property owners. Our Rock Springs water damage contractors will offer a quick response, competitive estimates and the most effective water damage service possible.

Extraction, drying and dehumidification are all essential to properly mitigate water damage. We have the proper equipment, personnel and expertise regardless of the size or type of your structure. If left untreated, moisture leads to mold which poses a serious threat to both interior furnishings, structural components and more importantly the health and wellbeing of occupants. Quick cleanup mitigation of water is critical.

Our Process Jobs

Shout out to Clara and Jose. Made the unexpected cost worth it. Efficient, professional and kind. Better than I expected and they did it quickly!
— Angelita Lopez Allan
Posted May 1st 2018
— Jydera Jimenez
Posted April 25th 2018
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My mom's basement flooded, it was over $12,000 in damage and the men who came in and cleaned everything, did the dry wall, paint, and all new flooring were incredible! They were so helpful and kind and always on time! Their work was perfect. They made an old, out dated basement, beautiful. Thank you all for the hard work you put in and the long hours, I can't thank you enough!
— Lena Valentine
Posted February 16th 2018
I’m very impressed with Ryan, Randy, Clara and the Distaster Professionals team in Eagle Mountain. They came to my house in under an hour, stepped right in to take care of the damage, worked with our insurance adjuster so I didn’t have to do it alone, and repaired our house around my busy mom schedule. This group is so easy to communicate with. They treat you like you’re their only customer, on a first name basis. Highly recommend for any distaster needs! Is it strange to say I’ll miss them?
— Sara Post
Posted February 13th 2018
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