Smoke Odor Removal

Post by: Kenzie on Sep 21st 2018


Smoke Odor Removal

It's still fire season here in Utah, and we're definitely feeling the effects of it. Fire is one of the most devastating disasters to happen to a home, whether it's originated from inside or outside the home, but even if the fire is put out before causing damage to your home the aftermath can still be felt. Or, rather, smelled. If you've experienced smoke damage recently, you may want to consider trying smoke odor removal.

Lingering smoke from a fire seeps into everything in your home: the walls, the cabinets, the carpets, clothes, couches. The stink can remain long after the flames are put out. And aside from being a smelly frustration, it can also be a health hazard. Prolonged exposure to smoke odor has the possibility to cause allergies and compromise the air quality indoors.

If you've tried getting rid of smoke odor yourself, chances are you weren't very successful. Common household cleaners simply don't have the power to totally clear away the smoke odor from every area of your home. They only work to cover up the smell, which will only last temporarily. Eventually, it will wear off and the smell will return. To completely eliminate it, a smoke odor removal treatment is probably in order.

Odor removal machines oxidize the odor molecules, in whatever surface they're embedded in your home, and eradicates them at the source. They don't just cover up the smell, and harsh chemicals that can be found in other cleaners are not used. The smell can be removed in a matter of hours or days depending on how severe the smoke exposure is.

In the tragic event that your home is affected by a fire (whether from a house fire or a nearby wildfire), you're desperate to get rid of the smoke smell quickly and absolutely. Enlisting the assistance of a smoke odor removal service will provide a much-needed relief. Do you have any questions or concerns? Disaster Professionals offers 24/7 smoke cleanup services and disaster response experts who can answer any questions you may have. We're happy to help!