Storm Damage Roof Repair in Utah & Wyoming

A roof is a home’s first line of defense against the elements and is also the most susceptible to damage following a storm. Wind, hail and sleet can wreak havoc on a roof but the damage following a storm can be difficult to spot, often damage until much later or during the next rain storm. Disaster Professionals will help you determine the extent of the roof storm damage, handle all insurance claims and expertly perform repairs.

Utah & Wyoming wind damage to roof can be as minor as missing shingles or can be as devastating as a fallen tree on your roof. We have the proper equipment, personnel and expertise regardless of the size or type of your structure. If left untreated, damages could be a serious threat to structural components, but more importantly, it could be a threat to the health & well being of occupants. Quick storm damage roof repair in Utah & Wyoming is critical.

Roof Damage can occur from:

  • Hailstorms
  • Wind Storms
  • Sleet
  • Snow Storms
  • Thunderstorms
  • Natural disasters

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Hail Damage Repair in Utah & Wyoming

Hail doesn’t have to be large to damage a roof, even quarter sized hail can chip away at the granulation or cause roof tiles to loosen or break. Hail damage to shingles will most likely only be visible from the roof, leaving signs of bruising or dimples in shingles. Hail can lead to granule loss which can result in leaks or allow for large sections of the roof to detach and pull away. Once a roof has been compromised it is much more susceptible to the next storm that comes along. Contact our hail damage roofing contractors for a free estimate for storm damage roof repair in Utah & Wyoming.

Our Process Restoration Services

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What should I do first?

Once you call Disaster Professionals, we schedule an appointment to come on site and estimate the size of the disaster cleanup project and the extent of the damage to the home or business.

Roof Damage Assesment

A Disaster Professionals expert will assess the damage to your property and provide the most effective action plan. We will first ensure the safety of your property as repairs are completed to ensure that your home or business is protected from the elements and intruders.

Roof Storm Clean Up

Debris can be a serious problem after a major wind storm. Debris in your yard can often be hazardous, posing a healthy risk to not only your family and pets, but the entire neighborhood as well if not removed properly.

Roof Damage Restoration

The next step we take in a disaster cleanup project is to restore your property back to it's original state. The extent of any restoration depends on a few things such as how drastic the damage of the property is. The restoration process can range from a simple fix-up to an in-depth, complex process. Our experts will inform you up-front as well keeping you completely informed during the entire restoration process.

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