Summer Sewer Problems

Post by: Kenzie on Jun 15th 2019


Summer Sewer Problems

Summer is a time for long, stress-free days spent basking in the sunshine, but there are some unpleasant bumps in the road that can threaten to put a damper on the fun; one of the worst of which is sewage-related issues. The warmer months are often the most miserable time to experience sewer difficulties, but it’s also a common period for them to develop. Being aware of the signs of oncoming sewage trouble may help you save time and money when it comes to repairs or, hopefully, prevention. Here are a few of the most common summer sewer problems that could lead to further damage, brought to you by our sewage cleanup experts.


While a sewer blockage can ensue any time of the year from normal catalysts within the home (flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed, hair or soap buildup, food waste, etc.), in the summertime you’re at extra risk of backing up thanks to summer storms. When flash floods or particularly heavy rains hit it can overwhelm your sewage system with water and debris when the system isn’t able to drain it quickly enough. If the sewer lines simply cannot handle any more, this can cause wastewater to back up into your home’s drains in everything from the kitchen sink to the shower, resulting in possible water damage and a need for sewage removal.

Tree Roots

Trees can cause a surprising amount of damage in the summertime if they can find a way into your sewer line. The summer days reach boiling temperatures, and as your trees suffer along with you in the heat they may snake their roots into your pipes in their search of any moisture they can reach. Roots can block and even burst the pipes, possibly causing large cracks or altogether collapsing the pipe. Major backups, flooding, and a full replacement of the line will likely follow unless the pipes are repaired or replaced.

Failing Pipes

While this can happen at any time of the year, you should still be on the lookout in the summertime for failing pipes. Depending on your home’s age, your sewer pipes could be made of PVC, clay, cast iron, metal or Orangeburg (layers of pitch and wood pulp pressed together). These materials have varying degrees of resilience, but nothing can last forever. Sometimes sewer-related damage on a home can simply come from pipes that have deteriorated with age. They can form leaks, cracks, rust, or even fully collapse. This can cause something as mild as low water pressure or unpleasant odors coming from the drains, but if the problem isn’t caught and the pipes repaired or replaced soon enough it could escalate into more serious harm.

Sewer issues and damage can manifest in many ways. These are just a few of the most common that you may encounter this summer, but having foreknowledge of a few different types of problems that could develop might help you quickly fix or even avoid the issue altogether.

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